Seeing this challenge come to a close is certainly bittersweet.  I have made many new connections, heard some great music, and pumped out 6 songs in 6 weeks.  

This week I co-wrote with Pennie Addison…a real pleasure.  Pennie started on the lyrics and together at her cottage (midway between Toronto where she is and Ottawa where I am) we edited lyrics.  On the way to her cottage I sang a chorus melody into by phone which pretty much stuck, and we created the melody for verses and bridge together.  There were thoughts of having one of Pennie's daughters do lead vocal but technology let us down.  Not an issue, as we parted Friday afternoon with a completed track.  It's a heart wrenching song dealing with mental illness in youth but with a happy and appreciative ending.

Here it is…

Reflecting on the whole challenge, I am humbled by some of the talent around me.  Thanks to those that commented and gave feedback.  There are several of you that I will absolutely keep in touch with.  For me the biggest challenge was that it was a very busy 6 weeks, even without music, so I found myself moving on to the next challenge without refining the previous enough to be really satisfying.  If I were to do the 6 over (and I may) I have quite a few ideas of things I'd do differently….lyrically, musically, structurally.  

Keep in touch!



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