Breaking out of Ruts

An interesting one.  When I released my album mid 2013 I worked hard to break out of a few clear ruts.  Previously all songs had been verse / chorus / verse / chorus, and almost all about girls or women in some manner.  If my efforts last year pulled my tires slightly out of the ruts, this week's assignment blew the tires of the truck!

First here is the song, Hum of Life…

So what was different about this for me?
  • Structurally it's really unusual for me.  It's foundation is 3 verses, each with an identical last tag line, much like Dylan's 50 year old classic Blowin in the Wind.  
  • The first musical verse is pure instrumental until you get to that tag line.  Unusual.
  • I was really mobile as I worked this.  The concept came in a restaurant in Vegas with two co-workers Bill & Yvonne as Bill commented on the overall 'hum' in the place.  The music was written and recorded partly in the Vegas airport and partly on a red eye flight.  How many have used a US Air jet as a recording studio.  GarageBand for iPad sets me free!  Lyrics were written this afternoon on a Florida beach and vocal recorded in my hotel room.
  • The order was different for me.  Normally I write lyrics first or do them together a couple of phrases at a time.  This time, the musical recording was done with very few completed lyrics.  They followed.  
  • My early songwriting had virtually no rhyme structures (strange?).  As I've started rhyming more I almost always rhyme the ending of neighbouring lines….A A B B.  This time I rhymed alternating lines A B A B.

Here are the lyrics…..

HUM OF LIFE, March 2014

That hum of life, those treasured sounds of mine

Waves on the shore lapping over the rocks and the reef
Wind in the trees and the birds singing sweetly up high
These quiet sounds are sometimes all I need
Whispers contentment that money just can't buy
That hum of life, those treasured sounds of mine

Friends at a party clinking their glasses of cheer
Kids running round sending peace a note of goodbye
These sounds of love are sometimes all I need
The bonds of our own special ones till the day that we die
That hum of life, those treasured sounds of mine

Strangers beside me sharing their hopes and their fears
Crowds on a sporting day with 1 minute left in a tie
These sounds of the masses remind me of so many here
Welcome the noises of people all sharing one sky
That hum of life, those treasured sounds of mine

Hope you are enjoying this,



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